• How long does it take to get a trailer built?
    Once production starts on a unit, typical build times take between 10-14 weeks depending on its complexity. This however also depends on the time of year and our production load.
  • What materials are used to construct a trailer?
    The base undercarriage of the trailer is a heavy steel frame with epoxy coating to prevent rusting, Flooring is composed of an exterior grade plywood with a commercial vinyl floor covering, or various other optional materials such as plastic or aluminum. From that point up, the rest of the unit is mostly 3003H14 grade Aluminum and 304 grade Stainless Steel. The walls are a uni-body construction and the cabinets are all fabricated aluminum welded directly to the walls and roof. The roof is aluminum construction fabricated to withstand the loads of all the roof top signage and equipment options.
  • What is the weight of the trailer?
    Depending on the size and options, a typical 20' unit would weigh approx 8,000 lb to 10,000 lb and our larger units weighing up to 15-16,000 pounds.

  • Can you show me what the trailer will look like?
    Not right at first, but definitely before we do the final artwork for the trailer. We typically discuss signage style and options when we are quoting out a unit so we can accurately assess the cost, this is also done by you telling us what you like and don't like from many of the units showcased here on our website. We then create hand drawn sketches to make sure we are going in the proper direction, then a marker comp or computer simulation graphic for your review. Then you also are shown the final proofs of the final art before we print and apply. As you can see, this is not a real fast process because of the amount of work involved with making these money making masterpieces.
  • Can I provide my own equipment?
    Most of our customers have all new equipment installed by us. We have really good customer relations with a lot of the equipment manufacturers used in the carnival industry, and most of the time can offer an installed equipment price that compares to pricing that most can get themselves. But... If you already have new or slightly used equipment, we are happy to work with you at using it in your unit for a fair installation charge.

  • Do you build just a shell, and I can finish it myself?
    We do not offer a "shell" version of any of our products.

  • Do you provide financing?
    While we don't provide any in house financing ourselves, we do work with several of the top finance companies involved with our industry. These companies know both the carnival business and our company and reputation. Most have structured payment plans that cater to the special needs of the concessionaire.

  • Do you have a show room?
    Due to the specializing and customizing of every unit that we produce, we do not have a "showroom" that potential customers can visit and view like a typical car dealership. We do however encourage prospective customers to make an appointment to come to our facility and view current units on our production line for other customers. Customers are also invited to visit and view their unit as it is on the production line.

  • Do you offer any used units?
    We do not have any used units at our facility nor do we take units on trade.

  • What do we need to do to get things started?
    Please refer to "The Hitch-Hiker Process"
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